Sanah Kapur: “Had to gain 15kg for ‘Shaandaar'”


Sanah Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor�۪s younger sister Sanah Kapur made her debut with Vikas Bahl directed ��Shaandaar�۪. Although the film received much flak, Kapur�۪s character was one many identified with. Kapur is now losing the weight she gained for the role but she talks about why it was important for her to play such a character.

���I was concerned because I was a fat child and I�۪d worked hard to lose weight. Putting on all that weight again scared me. It was death on a platter. I had to gain 15 kilos for Shaandaar! Now I am gradually losing all the extra kilos,�۝ said Kapur, in an interview with Filmfare.

She divulged, ���I loved Eesha from the word go! The girl says something I believe in. Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too dark… just be you. Eesha breaks the stereotypes and says, ��This is who I am and I�۪m proud of it�۪. I too was plump in school. When you�۪re different from the others, you automatically become a soft target for bullies. Eventually, I lost weight in college. Maybe I connected to my character subconsciously�۝.

She also spoke about wanting to always be an actress, ���I wanted to become an actress even before I knew what the word ��career�۪ meant. There�۪s a video of one of my early birthdays, where I�۪m sitting on dad�۪s lap. I�۪m holding a knife to cut the cake. Even after it was cut, I just didn�۪t let go of the knife. I wanted people to continue clapping! As I grew older, I began enjoying dancing to songs playing on TV, dressed exactly like the heroine�۝.

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