Salman on living in a flat & not a luxurious apartment

Ketna Mistry



Salman Khan has shared why he won’t swap his flat for a luxurious bungalow. Khan currently lives below his parents flat, and is very attached to the memories and surroundings.

Reported in the Times Of India, Khan and his brother Sohail Khan were promoting their film ‘Tubelight’ on a children’s singing reality show where Dhroon Tickoo, a contestant asked the ‘Sultan’ (2016) star why he opts for a flat when he can afford to live in a big bungalow. Khan replied by saying, “I love staying at my flat in Bandra over a big, luxurious bungalow because my parents live in the flat above mine. Ever since I was a child I have taken the same left turn or right turn and I would not have it any other way.”

He further added, “The entire building is like one big family. When we were little, all the kids of the building would play together in the garden below and sometimes even sleep there…”Back then, there weren’t different houses, all the houses were treated as our own and we would go into anyone’s house to eat food. I still stay in the same flat because I have countless memories attached to that house.”