Salman Khan’s defence claims that man died from fall

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s hit and run case continues to take twists and turns! The latest is Khan’s defence claiming that the fatal injuries caused to one of the five men sleeping on the Bandra pavement on the fateful night were the result of the car slipping from a crane which was lifting the vehicle after the Landcruiser crashed into the pavement.

The Indian Express reports defence lawyer Shrikant Shivade saying, ���The car was picked up by the crane, when the bumper of the car came out, thereby the car fell down. The crane was again applied to lift the car.”

Shivade argued that blood stains at the site of the accident were found to have been ���splashed�۝. He contended from the manner in which the blood appeared to have been ���splashed, not spilled�۝ as stated by the investigating officer, it could be deduced that the car fell on the victim�۪s head.

Extracts from Indian Express

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