Ex 'Bigg Boss' contestant Elli Avram

'Bigg Boss' contestant Elli Avram
'Bigg Boss' contestant Elli Avram

‘Bigg Boss’ season 7 has been in the news for various reasons of late. Host Salman Khan was even heard saying that contestant Elli Avram, who is set to make her debut in Mickey Virus۪, reminds him of ex Katrina Kaif. Now the buzz suggests that Khan has offered Avram the role of leading lady in his next movie.

Although these are still rumours, last year Khan took a liking to Sana Khan who is now starring opposite him in Mental۪. No doubt appearing on ‘Bigg Boss’ is proving career-changing for the ladies.

Meanwhile, Khan continues to host the show in his usual well-liked style and this is still proving popular with the audiences.

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