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Salman Khan says ‘Bigg Boss 11’ will be his last season?

Salman Khan has apparently had enough with ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and said this will be his last time hosting the show. This all followed after Dhinchak Pooja came onto the show.

Reported on Bollywood Life, prior to Pooja coming onto the show to perform on tonight’s episode, Khan had watched some of Pooja’s songs which he felt were cringe-worthy and resulted in him saying “This is going to be my last season”.

However Khan apparently said this in jest, but this does beg the question whether he meant it or not by saying he’s had enough. To add, this wouldn’t be the first time Khan has made a statement like that, he said something similar during ‘Bigg Boss’ seasons 8, 9 and possibly 10 for that matter.

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