Salman Khan refuses to stand down in photographer spat

Salman Khan

Salman Khan had a kerfuffle with photographers a few weeks back when he refused to stand in a certain spot for them at a promotional event. The photographers and Khan’s bodyguards had a bit of struggle and there has, apparently been a paparazzi ban on the actor ever since. The situation has recently been elevated because Khan’s forthcoming ‘Kick’ is soon to release. However, at an event today, the actor has refused to back down.

Deccan Chronicle report Khan giving his comments, “The good part is that the stand they (photographers) have taken, whether it is good or bad, loss or profit��_It’s a stand and it should continue. I want them to continue with their stand so much so that it brings me down to my knees and makes me apologise to them saying ‘don’t destroy my career'”.

Press photographers did not attend the event to keep their stand. Khan continued, “I did not start this issue. I would be more than happy if this stand of not clicking my pictures continues. Had I been not present at that day, thing could have gone worse”.

“I want those photographers to go back to the same bodyguards without Salman Khan and do the same thing, speak to the bouncers and bodyguards in the same way. It is because of me that they got saved that day,” the actor added.

Khan also spoke about the photographers creating a fuss due to publicity, “Why remove the ban, keep the stand. It has became an issue, the ruckus was created and they got all publicity… so continue with it”.

‘Kick’ is set to release on 25th July. One wonders whether either party will back down during this week.

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