Salman Khan receives death threat over blackbuck poaching case hearing

BizAsia Correspondent



Salman Khan was threatened on Facebook by Vishnoi Samaj and the Sopu (Student Organisation of Punjab University) Party, before his blackbuck poaching case hearing that will be taking place on 27th September.

The threat was sent over the Sopu Facebook page, where a user named ‘Gary Shooter’ posted the following: “Salman, think, you can save yourself from Indian law, however, Vishnoi Samaj and Sopu Party has announced death sentence for you. You are an accused in Sopu’s court. Salaam sahid da nu; Respect girls; Save animals; Avoid drugs & help poors; Sukha kahlon Garry”.

DCP Dharmendra Yadav has made it known that the threat is being taken seriously, telling IANS, “The police are on alert. We also gave proper security to the celebrity when he came here for hearing previously. An investigation has been initiated.”

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By Arjen Gill