Salman Khan next to face the law

Salman Khan
Salman Khan next to face the law

Sources report actor Salman Khan who returns from the USA tonight is to appear before the Court on Monday 25th March 2013.

While in USA, Khan has been given an all-clear on his health after neuralgia detected in June 2011. According to reports, the actor will not have to undergo another surgery for his condition after all. He had had a surgery two years ago.

Khan is to present himself for this hearing for the first time before the Sessions Court after a Magistrate transferred the matter to that court by charging the actor with a more serious charge of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’. Monday۪s case will hear Khan۪s appeal against the Magistrate۪s Order which if charged attracts a punishment of up to ten years in prison.

Sources say that as this would be a fresh trial, evidence produced before the Magistrate’s court would not be considered and prosecution may have to adduce evidence afresh.

This all begun when on 28th September 2002 one person was killed and four injured when a Land Cruiser, allegedly driven by the Bollywood actor, ran over people sleeping on pavement outside a bakery in suburban Bandra in early hours of the morning.

The trial that took place earlier before the Magistrate was proceeding on the lesser charge of ‘causing death by negligence’ which attracts a maximum punishment of two years in jail.

After examining 17 witnesses, the Magistrate concluded that Khan needs to be charged with a more serious case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder۪.

By Rishi Modi