Salman Khan miffed with VJ Andy on ‘Bigg Boss 7’?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Salman Khan irked by VJ Andy's imitation
Salman Khan irked by VJ Andy's imitation

After last year’s ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Imam Siddiqui had a falling out with Salman Khan, another one is set to follow.

VJ Andy, who is one of the housemates in this year’s hit reality TV show was apparently amused when he saw Khan fumbling on a few lines of his script. When Andy saw Salman’s slip-of- tongue, he teased the superstar by imitating him. Initially the superstar took his teasing sportingly, but subsequently lost his cool.

Times Of India reports that Khan was hoping that his blunder would be edited and not shown on air. However, he apparently lost his cool when he saw that not only was his gaffe telecast but the footage of Andy mocking him was aired as well.