Salman Khan

Salman Khan gives fitness tips to Madhavan
Salman Khan gives fitness tips to Madhavan

When actors think about buffing up, they can only think of one name to turn to, Salman Khan, which is exactly what actor Madhavan did. However, he had no idea how much of a work out he would be in for.

Expressing the immense work out, Madhvan states on Twitter “All misconception of me being super strong and fit were laid to rest when I worked out with the one and only Salman Khan sir.”

He went onto add, “His training was simple and super effective, but oh it killed me. Oh god, how strong is he, man? I was overwhelmed with gratitude and lactic acid.”

Looks like Madhavan will be joining the league of buffed up actors, let’s just hope he get’s used to these heavy work out sessions.