Salman Khan clarifies change from ‘Mental’ to ‘Jai Ho’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Jai Ho' starring Salman Khan
'Jai Ho' starring Salman Khan

Salman Khan has explained why the name of his next release was changed from ‘Mental’ to ‘Jai Ho’.

During the trailer launch event on Thursday, Khan said, “We have an Intelligent Khan, Badshah Khan and then there is Saif Ali Khan. I felt some people may start calling me Mental Khan though I wouldn’t have had any issues with that. But my dad was not in favour of the title, unko aitraaz tha… he felt Jai Ho sounded better.”

Khan also spoke about the film’s theme being about a ‘People’s Man’, he said, “I didn’t become a star because of my efforts. I still ride a bicycle and at times, travel by rickshaw. It’s just that I was born in this film family, you all are responsible for my star status.”

‘Jai Ho’ releases on Friday 24th January.