Salman Khan chews gum instead of smoking

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Salman Khan chews gum
Salman Khan chews gum

Around two months ago, it was reported that Salman Khan has vowed to stop smoking��and he has been taking the promise��very seriously. He had been spotted chewing gum whilst shooting for India’s reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’.

Mid-Day reports a source explaining, “He was carrying packets of chewing gum. Whenever he felt the urge, he would chew gum. He was heard telling unit folks he pops bubble gum in his mouth whenever he feels like smoking.�۝ Determination to follow through��the decision��came from��Khan when he was having many health problems over the past year, and when has started to follow a strict health routine.

Apart from health reasons, quitting smoking seems for the best, as it has actually landed some of our B-town celebrities in a lot of trouble. Good on��him to kick that bad habit.