Salman Khan cameo in ‘Judwaa 2’ to last two-minutes?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Excitement seems to be building surrounding the release of comedy caper ‘Judwaa 2’, which will see Varun Dhawan in a double role for the first time.

As reported earlier on , Salman Khan, who starred in the original ‘Judwaa’ (1997), will only have a cameo worth around two-minutes. A source told DNA India, “Salman only appears in the ending scene before the credits roll. It’s how Varun’s double characters Raja and Prem meet the original aka Salman’s Raja and Prem in a hotel room. They share a few dialogues and that’s about it. It’s barely a two-minute scene, but their encounter is sure to be the biggest highlight of the film.”

Earlier there were reports of Khan playing the godfather in the film. However, it now seems the role will be much shorted than originally expected. Khan shot his scenes for the film back in July.

‘Judwaa 2’ releases on 29th September 2017.