Salman Khan angered at coronavirus lockdown violators


Salman Khan used his star power to express anguish and disappointment at people ignoring the essential lockdown as India, along with the rest of the world, continues to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

The star, who is currently at his Panvel farmhouse with his family, urged everyone to abide by the guidelines laid down by the government to contain the spread of the deadly virus, reports The Asian Age. He was also quick to praise the efforts by all essential staff working directly with the pandemic.

In a 10 minute video, Khan talked about his life under lock-down. He said, “Bigg Boss is not starting, this is life’s Bigg Boss going on. There are some people who are violating (the lock-down). I had come here for a two-day holiday but corona has sent everyone on a holiday.”

He went on to to say on his Instagram video, “First we thought it was just a flu. It will all get over in a few days and everyone will be back home. But when lock-down happened, it became all serious.”

The ‘Bharat’ (2019) star also wanted to make people aware about how they are putting their families and everyone else at risk by not following the lock-down rules. In the video he also said, “In any disease to get the result positive is a very sad thing, especially for a disease that has no cure and such a person losing hope is not good. And to not understand the sadness of those who have tested positive is anti-human.”

“The positive tested patients have understood that it is their mistake and those who are negative at the moment are not taking things seriously will soon turn positive as well. And they will then spread the disease to the family, to the locality, to the city and then to the entire India,” he went on to say.

He also jumped to the defence of the healthcare workers and police force by saying, “Do you think doctors, nurses, policemen, those working in banks are immune to coronavirus? They are still working 18 hours and are doing this for you, not to stop you, but to stop coronavirus because the disease does not see class, economic standing or age. Police is doing their duty, but you are not doing your duty to stay at home.”

He concluded by referring to incidents of doctors and health workers being attacked across the country. “You are throwing stones at doctors, nurses who are saving your life.”

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