Salman advises Aayush not to sign second film?

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


‘Loveratri’ is Aayush Sharma’s debut movie and brother-in-law Salman Khan is introducing him. However, despite being ready to sign his second movie, it seems Khan has advised the debutante not to do so just yet.

“It is important that Aayush does not sign any other films yet. In case Loveratri doesn’t get a great response at the box office, someone who has signed him could end up backing out, and that will not bode well for Aayush. Salman has enough steam in him to back at least a couple of more films in which Aayush can work on his frailties. Also, filmmakers will be able to better gauge his abilities after watching his first film, and so they will be able to offer him the right scripts,” said a source, according to Asian Age.

So far, the trailer and songs from ‘Loveratri’, which also stars debutante Warina Hussain, have received positive reviews.

The film is schedule for release in October.