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Salaam Radio in breach of Ofcom regulations

Peterborough’s Muslim community station, Salaam Radio has been found in breach of Ofcom regulations.

The station has not adhered to its Key Commitments as outlined by Ofcom during its award process. Salaam Radio admitted that it had not broadcast its sports show during the period monitored and that the show will be returning to its schedule in August 2023 to coincide with “the resumption of the English Football Premier League”. The Licensee said that it intends to request a change to its Key Commitments to reflect that it will run a sports show during the English Football Premier League season only.

The Licensee stated that it was unable to broadcast all of its scheduled live shows for the week monitored due to volunteer unavailability and shows being put on hold due to the election period. Salaam Radio admitted that it was not delivering its Key Commitments. It stated that once it gains a realistic understanding of what is feasible for its community members it is committed to requesting a change to its Key Commitments. The Licensee stated that it intends to increase its original output to 20 hours per week.

The Licensee stated that the station is undergoing developments to improve its programming and said that it has recently appointed a new director, who will engage with “new communities” and foster “increased participation and diversity” in its programming.

Salaam Radio stated that, while it is has put effort into training its new presenters, it had faced challenges in retaining volunteer commitment for its weekly live shows. The Licensee said that it is“actively working on implementing strategies to ensure a consistent schedule and mitigate any scheduling inconsistencies. [It] recognise[s] the importance of maintaining reliability and will continue [its] efforts to improve presenter retention and program consistency”.

Ofcom noted that this is the second time it has found the Licensee in breach of its Key Commitments in relation to speech, original output and social gain. It expects the Licensee to make improvements to its service to comply with all of its Key Commitments and we will monitor the service again to ensure that this is the case. If Ofcom finds further breaches of Licence Conditions 2(1) and 2(4), it will consider taking further regulatory action which may include the imposition of a statutory sanction.