Saif Ali Khan on working during pandemic: “It’s high-risk, almost like working at a hospital”

Anil Bharath



Saif Ali Khan, who has returned to the film sets due to professional commitments and upcoming projects, has in a recent interview shared that acting is a high risk profession. To this statement, he reportedly added that after unlock, the actors are on the frontline and it is almost like working in a hospital.

The actor reportedly made the statement on being asked about how he was managing to balance work and home life during the current COVID-19 pandemic, given that his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant and also working.

DNA India reports that in an interview with The Quint, Khan said, “You know, actors can’t wear masks and the film set is a very dangerous environment at this time. But most people I have worked with have made really big efforts. People are trying their best, but it’s still dangerous. These are tricky times and I feel actors definitely deserve credit for this. During the lockdown, we quietly sat at home for six months, wasted our lives and lost our time. But now when the government is saying go out and work to support the economy, we are in the frontline again. It’s a high-risk profession, almost like working at a hospital.””

Meanwhile, in an interview with Times of India, Kapoor Khan spoke about her Diwali plans this year. She said, “Saif is shooting in Dharamshala for a film, and I have never been there, so Taimur and I will join him there. We are actually looking forward to setting out. It will be great to travel to the mountains and spend time in the open air and sunshine. It’s been a year where we had to be at home for a long duration. So, going to Dharamshala and being there for a few days will be great. We plan to keep it very quiet and spend as much time in the open as we can. It’s obviously not going to be a big Diwali, and I am very happy with that, I would rather have it small this year.”

Kapoor Khan is expecting her second child with Khan. The couple had announced the happy news via a joint statement in August: “We are very pleased to announce that we are expecting an addition to our family!! Thank you to all our well-wishers for all their love and support.”