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Saif Ali Khan on how the Bollywood industry has changed

Next year Saif Ali Khan will be marking a significant milestone in the Bollywood industry. It will be 25 years since he first made his debut in ‘Parampara’ (1993).

Reported in Bombay Times, Khan shared his thoughts on how the world of cinema has changed, “India is like a different country now. I have witnessed some huge changes in terms of film-making techniques (in the last couple of decades). Digital (technology) has changed a lot of things. Things are done a lot faster now… In a way, that’s good.”

The ‘Rangoon’ (2017) actor also says he worries less about the first take compared to when he first started out. “I have stopped worrying about my first take though because it’s so easy to do one more now. Of course, I try and get it right always, but earlier I think there was a lot more attention on getting it right on the first attempt itself. As editing and dubbing have become simpler, I worry less now as it can protect me. Today’s acting style has changed to more international and natural. For me, it’s more fun to do acting now.”

Asked whether it is challenging for parents to meet their children’s dreams, Khan says, “It’s difficult. People say that they want to do this or do that, but (as a parent) you would prefer them to be safer. In ‘Chef’, my father wants me to be a doctor or an engineer. He gets really upset when I say that I want to become a chef. All parents want security for their children. There are many more career options nowadays. We say this is a post-‘3 Idiots’ film where you get to follow your heart.”

With his daughter Sara Ali Khan set to make her debut in ‘Kedarnath’, Khan is happy with her decision and explained that within their family they always listen to the children. “Earlier, parents used to decide a lot of things for you. In my family, we always listen to our children — Sara wants to join films; that’s fine as that’s something she has always wanted to do. I am happy with what my children want to be.”

Later on this week on Friday, Khan will see the release of his forthcoming film ‘Chef’, directed by Raja Krishna Menon. Speaking about the film, Khan is feeling positive about the film and is looking forward to how the film will be received. “‘Chef’ is a mix — both art and commercial. I agree that the entertainment industry needs to feature newer stories and fresher content. I think ‘Chef’ is a step in the right direction. Some of the smaller films have been more exciting because they seemed fresher somehow. I am excited about (finding out) what response this film gets.”