Sahara Group and the Indian cricket board (BCCI) are at loggerheads with each other resulting in Sahara pulling out of all cricketing activities including sponsorship of the India team and IPL’s Pune Warriors India.

According to IndianTelevision, there were many reasons behind Sahara withdrawing its contract with the BCCI with the main one believed to be the BCCI’s decision to disallow the franchise to use the price of Yuvraj Singh, who has been ruled out of IPL season 5.0, in today’s auction purse.

In a statement, Sahara said, “Incidentally, once during the Champion’s League tournament, one of the Indian IPL teams had a lot of injured players so they were rightly, out of natural justice, allowed to break the rules and take one extra foreign player. We appreciated this natural justice.”

Meanwhile the BCCI has said that it would contact Sahara to clarify the intentions. It said, “We understand that Sahara Adventure Sports Limited has issued a statement in which it indicates an intention to withdraw from its involvement in Indian cricket, including as regards the Indian Premier League. We intend to contact Sahara Adventure Sports Limited as soon as practicable to clarify its intentions.”