Saba Azad confirms relationship with Hrithik Roshan?

BizAsia Correspondent



Rumours about Hrithik Roshan’s relationship with Saba Azad have been doing the rounds for several weeks. It now seems that Azad has dropped the biggest hint about their status.

After being pictured holding hands, leaving a restaurant together earlier this year, it now seems their PDA is on display on social media.

Azad, who is in Pune for an event shared a video on her Instagram story with her musical partner, Imaad Shah. She captioned it, “Sunburnt and ready, “We here at @nh7dotin soundcheck in for this evening (Madboy Mink) fo on at 6 pm. Come dance with us Pune.”

Roshan then shared the story, with the caption, “Wish I was there for this one!” He then further stated, “Kill it, you insanely amazing woman.”

Azad responded, “Wish you were here too my cute :)”

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