As Hollywood slowly realises the potential of the Indian film industry, one major Hollywood name seems to be more than keen to get his foot in the Bollywood door. Apparently Russel Crowe was even approached for a film, though things didn’t fall through.

“I would love to do an Indian film. In fact two years back I was supposed to meet the Indian director Sudipto Sen and discuss a project with him. He wanted to make a film called ‘In Search of Immorality’,which has now been put on hold and I am still waiting to hear from him to take the project ahead,” Hindustan Timesreported Crowe confirming.

With a Oscar and a countless number of major awards under his belt, one of Crowe’s most memorable performances is in the 2000 film ‘Gladiator’. Understanding the growth of the Indian Film Industry the actor goes onto state, “I have heard the Indian film industry. A lot of Hollywood directorsdirectors are moving east-ward to make movies there and work with actors there and vise versa. The international film festivals have been a great platform for introducing and exchanging film culture.”

There is no doubt in Crowe’s acting talent, though it sure would be intriguing to see this butch Australian shake a leg or two in a big blown dance number.