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Rupali Ganguly: “Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa plays a big cultural role in this country”

Rupali Ganguly says that her show, ‘Anupamaa’, helmed by Rajan Shahi, has created quite a movement in the country. The actress says that women have learnt to stand up for themselves because of the show.

“Anupama plays a big cultural role in this country because there have been so many women who come and say that they have learnt self-love. This is a very big thing because we are just faces but the man who created the show is Rajan Shahi. This is his vision and his confidence that he brought a 42-year-old woman on the screen. He brought a show called Anupama through her. He brought the story of a housewife who was very frustrated with her in laws, husband, and children. To bring this story at this time, Rajan ji took a very big risk,” she says.

She adds, “There are things that we have spoken like we should not bargain with small vendors and I think that clip went viral. Then in a way ordination, culture, the importance of worship is told through this show, so all this is a work of Rajan ji.” Also Rupali touched the feet of Rajan Shahi out of gratitude at the recent birthday celebration on the set. It is a rare gesture by an actress for the top producer in India.