Could Sunrise Radio be planning to launch another radio station soon? According to rumours doing the rounds, a Punjabi radio channel is in the offing.

Sunrise Radio has been advertising positions available within the new Punjabi radio station. It is likely to be called ‘Punjabi Radio’, but currently it is not known if the station will be broadcasting full time hours or whether it۪s a pitch for an RSL (30-day license).

When contacted Sunrise Radio, the station was reluctant to comment saying that it will keep up to date with developments and that it was not in a position to reveal anything yet.

If a station called ‘Punjabi Radio’ does go live, what will existing commercial rival ‘Panjab Radio’ say about this? The station of a similar name has been broadcasting digitally since 2000.

Sunrise Radio launching a new station will not really come as a huge surprise, after all, the company has been celebrating recently after retaining the number one position in the UK as the most listened to Asian station. Kismat Radio also performed extremely well, adding over 40,000 extra listeners in the last quarter.