Romance gone stale for Gaurav Arora & Kriti Kharbanda?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Raaz 4 - Gaurav Arora, Kriti Kharbanda 340x

‘Raaz Reboot�۪ was being shot in Romania not long ago with leads Kriti Sanon�۪s reported ex Gaurav Arora and his co-star Kriti Kharbanda. It seems the two were cosying up to each other for a while but that now it might�۪ve gone stale.

Mahesh Bhatt, producer of the film, commented on the alleged romance to Pune Mirror, ���There are stories that play out on the film sets. This is one such story. We are living in the 21st century and when a young man and young woman are pushed together in an unforgiving place, far from home, pushed against the wall by the harshest work schedules, it’s not surprising that they’re drawn to each other. I thought it was the genius of my director Vikram Bhatt, until I realised that it was a hormonal dance playing out�۝.

It seems during the Bucharest schedule, Arora and Kharbanda had a falling out. Bhatt confirmed, ���Yes, it reached my ears too and I learnt that all was not well in Romania�۝.

Bhatt concludes, ���Film sets have been cradles for some great romances. We’ll have to see if this one has the power to go beyond a shoot. Time will tell�۝.

It seems, since arriving back in Mumbai on 14th March, both Arora and Kharbanda have since become busy with their other commitments. No doubt their chemistry will soon be there to be seen when ��Raaz Reboot�۪ releases.

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