Rohit Shetty working on a script for a female cop drama?

Ketna Mistry



Rohit Shetty who is known for his cop-based dramas such as, ‘Singham’ (2011) and ‘Singham Returns’ (2014) starring Ajay Devgn, is said to be working on a script that will revolve around a female police officer.

Reported on DNA India, Shetty who was attending a launch event for ‘Little Singham’, an animation series, said work is in progress for the script, but it won’t be ready yet. “We are planning, we are working on the script. Like we have ‘Singham’, ‘Simmba’ for the lady Singham. It will take time. We are creating a universe where we will have a lady cop,” reveals Shetty.

Shetty will be teaming up with Devgn once again, but both are unsure which project they want to commence. “We are planning to work together but we don’t know which one to go ahead with… ‘Singham 3’ or next ‘Golmaal’ or maybe we might make something else.”

The ‘Golmaal’ (2006) director went on to explain how he never thought that ‘Singham’ (2011) would become a cult film when making it. “Fans loved the film; policemen liked it too. Singham is not a superhero. He is an honest and a brave police officer. He has no gadget and he cannot fly but he is called a superhero. We thought of making a series for kids as they too warmed up to the world of ‘Singham’.”

‘Little Singham’ will be premiering on the 21st April on the Discovery Kids channel.