Rishi Sunak distances himself from BBC series’ characterization of Narendra Modi

Johar Deep



British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak has distanced himself away from a BBC documentary and its characterization of his India counterpart, Narendra Modi.

The two-part series attacked Modi’s term as Gujarat Chief Minister during the Gujarat riots of 2002. It was removed from certain platforms due to an outcry by viewers.

Responding to a question in parliament from an MP, Sunak said, “The UK government’s position on this has been clear and long-standing and hasn’t changed, of course, we don’t tolerate persecution where it appears anywhere but I am not sure I agree at all with the characterization that the honourable gentleman has put forward to.”

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India’s foreign ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “Do note that this has not been screened in India. So, I am only going to comment in the context of what I have heard about it and what my colleagues have seen. Let me just make it very clear that we think this is a propaganda piece designed to push a particular discredited narrative. The bias, the lack of objectivity, and frankly a continuing colonial mindset, is blatantly visible.”

“If anything, this film or documentary is a reflection on the agency and individuals that are peddling this narrative again. It makes us wonder about the purpose of this exercise and the agenda behind it and frankly we do not wish to dignify such efforts,” he stressed.