Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor to put dancing shoes on again
Rishi Kapoor to put dancing shoes on again

Rishi Kapoor fans will soon be in for treat, as director David Dhawan’s ‘Chasme Baddoor’ will take them down memory lane and present Kapoor performing some very familiar moves from his golden days.

The film will see Kapoor doing those classic tap dancing moves that he once did in film’s like ‘Hum Kissise Kum Nahin’ (1977). “It is a family oriented film with lots of fun and humour. I am quite excited about this project,” Hindustan Timesreport an insider stating.

Speaking to Dhawan about the Kapoor’s dance moves for the song, he explains, how Kapoor hasn’t lost it yet, “What do I say about Rishi? He is a charmer, who loves acting and dancing. He had some pain in his knee while we were shooting this song and he told me, knee mein pain ho raha hai, (My knee is hurting). Hope I can do the steps perfectly.۪ Rishi rehearsed just once and we shot the song in one go. It was perfect!”

According to the source, Kapoor will also be seen riding a Harley Davidson bike and being plastered with tattoos. You can’t help but wonder, will he also be sporting a long fluffy beard and a leather biker jacket too?