Rimjhim threatens to quit Piya Ka Ghar


ZEE TV’s popular daily soap Piya Ka Ghar could be losing one its favourite character when the serial takes a dramatic turn in the next few weeks.

Narayani Shastri, who plays Rimjhim in Piya Ka Ghar has been with Piya Ka Ghar since its launch two years ago. She is not happy with the soap’s upcoming storyline when it takes an age leap. She has admitted that if the new storyline goes ahead she could walk out. Reason? Post leap, Rimjhim will be shown as a mother of a grown up child.

Says Shastri, ?I don?t want to be seen playing the role of a mother at this time of my career.

But I haven?t yet made my mind up; there is a fair chance that I might continue also. I have had a meeting with the channel and will see where things go.? A part of that meeting was the condition Shastri laid down.

?One of the condition I put down was that I would be a part of the leap provided I get to play a double role. Then I can be seen in a mature role as the mother and a younger role as a daughter,? says Shastri.

Her decision to leave the show is also overshadowed by the fact that she has a new show in the offing, which has her all excited.

?I can?t reveal what is the exact offer, but it?s big and I am really excited about it. If I walk out of Piya Ka Ghar, I will definitely take on this role. The role is of a woman my age, so I have no issues doing it.?

The channel refused to comment on Shastri?s ultimatum on the show, while the producer said, ?This is the first time I am hearing of this. I have no clue about her leaving the show. The leap that she speaks of may not even happen, so I really cannot speculate on the future.?

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