Since reports surfaced about the BBC Asian Network’s future last week, has been inundated with comments by readers expressing their opinions.

As the industry awaits the fate of the station today, brings you the Pros and Cons of the BBC Asian Network…

Why the BBC Asian Network will be missed…

ۢ The BBC Asian Network is seen as a bridge between Asians and the mainstream BBC. British Asians use it as a platform to voice their opinions on a larger level that other commercial stations maybe unable to.

ۢ With digital radio being the future, the BBC Asian Network has done well to promote DAB and move listeners from analogue to digital radio.

ۢ The BBC Asian Network has been seen as a benchmark in terms of quality for commercial radio stations to look up to. Presentation, imaging and programming has been of a higher standard compared to existing Asian commercial stations.

ۢ The BBC Asian Network is seen as a trustworthy source for news and information but has recently become too music orientated to compete directly with commercial broadcasters.

ۢ With many Asian radio stations catering for older audiences as a safer commercial bet, the BBC Asian Network has tapped into British Asian youths on a national level, achieved very little by Asian commercial stations.

ۢ Asians believe that the licence fee has been more value for money with the BBC offering the Asian Network a part of its services.

Where the BBC Asian Network has gone wrong…

ۢ The BBC Asian Network has become too commercialised and competing directly with commercial Asian radio stations. It should concentrate on news, information and documentaries rather than popular culture such as showbiz entertainment.

ۢ The BBC Asian Network, like other BBC radio stations spends too much money on shows – researcher, producer and presenter on one show?! Commercial stations survive on one person – the presenter, to do all three.

ۢ The BBC Asian Network has become too commercialised and has lost touch to promote new talent (with the exception of Friction). The station should be used to promote budding new artists and presenters, rather than hiring DJs from other stations.

ۢ The BBC Asian Network is seen as a news and information station and thus should provide features such as Traffic and Travel and Weather bulletins on an hourly basis.

ۢ The BBC Asian Network’s primary target of youth programming has also not gelled with listeners. The station should provide a wider spectrum of shows with Hindi/Urdu shows during weekday mornings/afternoons.