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Revealed: Why is Ekta Kapoor miffed with Shah Rukh Khan?

Ekta Kapoor miffed at SRK
Ekta Kapoor miffed at SRK

One would think that filmmaker Ekta Kapoor is angry with Shah Rukh Khan because his film has trumped hers in the last fortnight. However, BizAsia brings you the inside story on the fall-out which is a little more complicated than meets the eye.

The start of this feud goes back to when there was speculation that both ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’ would be releasing on the same day, 8th August. Amongst the rumours came Khan’s voice to confirm that ‘Chennai Express’ would release at Eid despite Kapoor making it known previously that she would be releasing her film then. There was much conversation and discussion between the two production houses of both films until it was agreed that ‘OUATIMD’ would be released a week later to take advantage of the Indian independence day extra day’s holiday across the sub-continent.

A source spoke to Mumbai Mirror, “Ekta relented because she was promised something in return. And the bait was the promise that Chennai Express wouldn’t come in the way of the big release she had planned for OUATIMD on Independence Day”.

Despite this agreement, ‘Chennai Express’ still held many screens a week later and when Kapoor called to enquire, she was told that is was Khan’s decision. The source continued, “If UTV had lived up to its promise, OUATIMD could have raked in about Rs 10 crore more on its opening day which in turn might have had a Domino effect on its subsequent collections…��To add to Balaji’s woes the halls they were given were small ones which in turn must have had an adverse effect on their opening day collection”.

A source from Red Chillies Entertainment, Khan’s production house, commented, “Chennai Express released on August 9 and it is illogical to expect that the film will be voluntarily pulled out from theatres in its first crucial week”.

One multiplex in Juhu told the Mumbai Mirror that there was pressure put on them to keep the number of screens for ‘Chennai Express’ in the second week. This would suggest that ‘OUATIMD’ wouldn’t have had the chance to shine because it hadn’t been given the chance to.

When contacted, Kapoor said, “Whatever has happened is extremely disgusting. I am very angry”.

There is a ‘Chennai Express’ success bash taking place today, 22nd August. One wonders who, if anyone, from the Balaji camp will be in attendance to show support for the film.