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Reena Rai posts emotional note following Deep Sidhu’s death

Punjabi star and farm activist Deep Sidhu passed away earlier this week after he had a car accident. His girlfriend, Reena Rai, who was in the car with him, survived. And now, two days after his death, Rai wrote an emotional public note.

She took to her Instagram and shared some pictures of her and Sidhu. “I’m broken I’m dead inside please come back to your soulmate which you promised me that you won’t leave me in any lifetime I love you my Jaan my soul boy you are my heartbeat. As I was lying in the hospital bed today I heard you come whisper I love my Jaan I know you are forever with me.we were planning our future together and now you are gone. Soulmates don’t leave each other and I’ll see you on the other side Jaan #Truesoulmates (sic),” she wrote. Rai seems to have deleted the post thereafter.

On the day of the accident, Sidhu, along with Rai, was travelling to Bathinda from Delhi. The accident took place near Kharkhoda around 9:30 in the evening on Tuesday. Reportedly, the car rammed into a truck.

As per reports, an eyewitness, who was driving behind Sidhu’s car, said that the star was alive and conscious when he was pulled out of the car following the accident. the witness also claimed that the vehicle was going over 100 km/hr when it crashed into the truck.

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