Ravi Chopra on verge of losing family home

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Chopra may lose family home
Chopra may lose family home

Who would have thought that being a part of a legendary film-making family, one would��run into financial troubles? Well, this is exactly what has happened to Ravi Chopra, who is in so much debt that he risks loosing the BR Chopra family house.

Bollywood Hungama has reported��that the late filmmaker’s son owes a total of Rs, 32 crore, to 26 creditors of BR Films and BR TV. Seven properties belonging to the family were listed by The Bombay High Court to be sold if Chopra doesn’t pay his debts off by 2013.

It was reported that the High Court would only take the house if��three apartments, a set of bungalows and a plot of land does not make up the total costs. The deadline set for the 66-year-old is April next year.