Raveena Tandon files police case against crazed ‘stalker’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Raveena Tandon - 'Bombay Velvet'
Raveena Tandon files case against stalker

The beautiful Raveena Tandon would have seen no lack of admirers in her life. However, recently, the actress became victim to a stalker and that too outside her residence.

A source close to the actress spoke to Mumbai Mirror, “She didn’t take much notice of him till last week when he followed her to Otters Club, which she visits often accompanied by her husband Anil Thadani. The stalker followed the couple around the club and even attacked Anil till he was restrained by the security and shooed away”.

Apparently, the man started throwing stones at Tandon’s residence, even hitting her husband’s car. The couple then went to file an FIR and the man in question was identifed as��Mahaveer Jaspal Pandav. Pandav believed that Tandon was his wife.

Tandon, in good-hearted spirit, offered to pay for Pandav’s psychiatric treatment when she came to know of his ill state of mind.