Raveena Tandon admits “camps do exist” in Bollywood


The sudden death of Sushant Singh Rajput, has sparked a debate in the industry about how being excluded can lead to mental health issues. The likes of Karan Johar and Salman Khan have come under fire on social media for nepotism and favouring particular artists over others.

Raveena Tandon, shared her experiences about how certain “camps” in the industry exist. She also hinted at being made fun of and being removed from films by heroes and/or their girlfriends.

In a number of tweets, Tandon said, “Mean girl gang of the industry.Camps do exist.Made fun of,bn removed from films by Heroes,their girlfriends,Journo chamchas&their career destroying fake media stories.Sometimes careers are destroyed.U struggle to keep afloat.fight backSome survive Some Dont.#oldwoundsrevisited.”

Following up on the tweet, she said, “When you speak the truth,you are branded a liar,Mad,psychotic. Chamcha journos write pages&pages destroying all the hard work that you might have done.Even though born in the industry, grateful for all it has given me,but dirty politics played by some can leave a sour taste.”

She added, “It can happen to someone born within,an “insider” as I can hear insider/outsider words,some anchors blaring away.But you fight back.The more they tried to bury me,the harder I fought back. Dirty politics happen everywhere. But sometimes one roots for good to win,and Evil to lose.”

Concluding her thread of tweets, she said, “I love my industry,but yes,the pressures are high,there are good people and people who play dirty, there are all kinds,but that’s what makes the world.One has to pick up the pieces,walk again and again,with the head held high.Goodnight world.I pray for a better tmrw.”