Pakistani entertainment channel, ARY Family, which relays programmes from ARY Digital Pakistan, is yet to make an impact in ratings – a month after its launch in the UK.

The channel, which joined audience measuring body at the beginning of the year, has struggled with a poor run in ratings. The channel’s first weekly reach reported 37,000 viewers – That’s more than A Plus Europe (26,000 viewers) but less than other Pakistani entertainment channels. Hum TV by far remains the UK’s most watched Pakistani channel in the UK with a reach of 385,000 viewers, followed by Hum Masala with 272,000 viewers, Geo TV with 221,000 viewers, Urdu 1 Europe with 92,000 viewers and Geo Kahani with 79,000 viewers.

Surprisingly, ARY Family’s overnight figures continue to report a zero per cent share. There seemed a glimmer of hope on Tuesday this week when its share increased to 0.01%, however it slumped back to zero again on Wednesday, in exclusive data has published.

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    Theey seriously need to being it on European sattelite
    Europe beam coz we people in europe have been requesting this since t started
    Make it avaliable for us too