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Ranveer Singh: “Trying to punch above our weight in our journey to change music industry”

Despite the pandemic ravaging the media and entertainment industry, superstar Ranveer Singh expanded his passion project, the independent music record label called IncInk, by signing a new artist and also launched nine music videos! Singh’s vision for IncInk, which he founded with Navzar Eranee, is extremely ambitious and he ensured that the label kept supporting and promoting homegrown artists despite COVID-19.

Singh has maintained that he is looking to unearth the future superstars of the music scene in India and champion indigenous and new age music that celebrates the culture, diversity and reality of our country. IncInk is his passion project that aims to give a platform to raw talents with no connection in the music industry, from across the country, to express their skills and present their raw talent to global audiences. IncInk’s artist roster features really acclaimed rap and hip/hop artists like Kaam Bhari, Spitfire, SlowCheeta and Devil The Rhymer.

Singh says, “When you make it your mission to discover new artists and present them effectively to the world, you have to live by that pledge every single day. Yes, 2020 has been a challenging year for the music and the entertainment industry but I’m delighted that IncInk has stayed on course to fulfilling the promises we made to these young and brilliant talents of India.”

He adds, “As an independent record label, we are a bunch of really committed and passionate music lovers who are always trying to punch above our weight in our journey to change the music industry. Our intent is to give India a new sound to listen to and for that to happen, we can’t afford to take even a day off.”

The actor, through IncInk, is also constantly working towards making Indian Sign Language (ISL) the 23rd official language of India and in 2020 he signed a petition for the same. This year, the label released nine songs including, IncInk Raw compilation, Vartalap ISL X Petition, Mehfil -E-Hip Hop, Tom Nahi Paayega Rap, ISL Shwapon and ISL Mehfil videos, Black, Vichaar, White Collar and Aur Karo – the last release of the year from IncInk.

The superstar says, “Every day we strive to do our best and 2020 has been no different, despite the pandemic. I’m really proud of the entire team who have worked all year round and produced clutter-breaking music and disruptive music videos that have connected with the youth of the country.”