Ranveer Singh: “My vision is to make India listen to uniquely new age Indian music”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Ranveer Singh’s vision for his label IncInk is extremely ambitious. He is looking to promote and champion indigenous and new age Indian music that celebrates the culture, diversity and reality of our country. The actor’s record label IncInk, a passion project that aims to give a platform to raw talents from across the country to express their skills, will now give India a new sound to listen to by fusing Bengali folk with rap/hip-hop! In a new song titled Shwapon, sung by the label’s homegrown talent SlowCheeta, the singer is collaborating with renowned Bengali folk singer Dipannita Acharya. This track is part of rapper SlowCheeta’s debut EP for IncInk titled Rok Nahi Paayega.

Singh says, “We formed IncInk to celebrate the glorious indigenous music of India in its various forms and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Bengali folk singer Dipannita Acharya who features in SlowCheeta’s new song Shwapon (dreams). It is one of my most favourite songs from our label and what makes this one special is the incredible confluence of rap and hip-hop with Bengali folk!”

Acharya is a prolific artist in the genre of folk music. She identifies herself and her music as ‘Baul Anuragi’ and is hugely acclaimed for her soulful and stirring voice.

The superstar, who has founded IncInk along with Navzar Eranee, says this song truly represents what IncInk stands for – inclusivity and creative collaboration at the highest level. He says, “My vision was to make India listen to uniquely new music and sounds which are intrinsically new age Indian and we are proud to present Shwapon to the world. It is definitely a moment for us as a label and we can’t wait for everyone to listen to this ripper of a track.”

Singh is a big fan of the talented SlowCheeta, whose real name is Chaitnya Sharma. The versatile actor relates to the rapper’s lyrics given their similar backgrounds. He says, “I have a special affinity for Cheeta. Rap artists are generally identified by the hood/gully that they’re from, and Cheeta and I share our code – 050! This boy is immensely talented. He’s got an easy vibe and laid back style and just when you get comfortable, he’ll throw something at you that you didn’t see coming. As easy-going as he is, he’s got aggression and grit and each one of his layers peels off bit by bit, revealing the multiple facets of the artist that he is.”