Ranveer Singh gives his take on Pakistani talent ban

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Ranveer Singh was asked about the recent ban of Pakistani talent in India, at the India Conclave event today.

The actor stated, “I am very cognisant that there is this school of thought that one should not mix art and sport with it, they are two different realms.”

According to Pinkvilla, he also went on to add, “But at the same time, us as artists and sportsmen, we are not sacrificing the same way that some of our compatriots are. Art and sports are different realms. The boundaries should be different. But we are not sacrificing the way some of our compatriots are. If there’s even one mother of a soldier who believes that we shouldn’t engage, we should follow that”.

The Bollywood fraternity has been actively saying on social media how much they value the bravery of the Indian army following the Pulwana attack and the aftermath.

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