Rani Mukerji on being a working mother

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Rani Mukerji is due to return to the big screen in the forthcoming ‘Hichki’, marking her first film since she had baby Adira. She recently spoke about leaving her daughter at home to shoot for the film.

“I had this anxiety about leaving my daughter at home because it was going to be a new environment for her. She is not going to see me for a few hours, which she is used to. It is a dilemma that every working mother goes through where you face this anxiety,” said Mukerji, according to TOI.

Talking about fathers now getting more involved with babies and young children, Mukerji expressed, “People are still not ready to accept it. It is a hesitation that they need to overcome. Obviously, a child is more attached to the mother. But now fathers are also getting involved”.

‘Hichki’ is scheduled to release on 23rd February.