Rani Mukerji on why there are no songs in ‘Mardaani 2’


Rani Mukerji’s edge of the seat entertainer and much-awaited cop thriller ‘Mardaani 2’ is ready for release this weekend.

The actress reprises the role of the fearless and committed Superintendent of Police, Shivani Shivaji Roy. ‘Mardaani 2’ has definitely sparked a conversation on the ever-increasing violent crimes against young girls across the country.

Given the strong message the film is trying to give out, the makers wanted to stay away from doing any contemporary marketing idea. The film is likely to have an effect on society; the makers scrapped the idea of creating a promotional music video and decided not to put any song in the film.

In an interview, Mukerji said, “Mardaani is an entertaining thriller, but at its core it seeks to give a strong social message about the rise of violent crimes against women committed by minors in our country. We wanted to protect the sanctity of our message and not do any marketing tricks, such as filming a promotional song, just to get more conversation and more bullets. We felt it would be counterproductive to what we wanted to achieve.”

She added, “On the one hand, when we try to send a strong message, we couldn’t record and record a music video, because that would weaken the film’s purpose. We were all right not to get caught up in conventional beliefs and decided to stay away from all these kinds of marketing to ensure the authenticity of our film. This was a top priority for us and I am glad that we have kept our faith.”

The makers wanted to deliver the message through its powerful storyline alone, by accentuating the viewing experience of the audience without any distractions like songs and music videos.

In ‘Mardaani 2’, Mukerji will be seen pitted against a 21-year-old menacing villain who can be called pure evil. This will be Mukerji’s next release after the global blockbuster ‘Hichki’ that delivered 250 crores worldwide.

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