Rani on Adira’s privacy: “We need to give our child a normal upbringing”

Sahar Junejo



Proud parents Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra recently threw a grand party for their daughter Adira’s second birthday, which took over social media.  However, both Mukerji and Chopra made sure none of the photos included the birthday girl.

In an interview with News18.com, Mukerji explained, “It is single-handedly my husband’s decision. In this, he has no interest in taking my advice or my opinion. This department, he is like no, I don’t want her pictures. And for me, it’s very important that when you are in a relationship, there are times when I would say that okay, this is it and you have to listen, and the same with him. You choose your battles. I keep telling him that one fine day she is going to be clicked, which she did and ironically, she got clicked with her father and thank god it was not me. I would have got killed. But, I saw Adi’s squirmish look when that happened and believe me that everybody in my family and house were relieved that it was through Adi and not through any one of us. The thing is that I have to respect Adi, but in time Adi needs to understand. I understand where he’s coming from, we need to give our child a normal upbringing. Like today if she goes to the beach, she should go unnoticed. Because she won’t enjoy being at the beach if she’s getting attention and there are very few places in Bombay where she can go for recreation.”

“It is very hard not to get her photograph. But Adi’s reputation is so spoilt that everybody fears taking a picture with him because he blatantly says no. I think that everybody was scared of taking her picture as they knew it wasn’t allowed or it wasn’t right. I wouldn’t mind Adira’s pictures and am happy that few of them have come out as well. But, I do understand Adi’s point of view and respect it.”, she added.

Mukerji is currently busy promoting her latest film ‘Hichki’, in theatres on 23rd February 2018.