Randhir Kapoor on Ranbir & Alia wedding: “I haven’t heard anything”

Priyanka Borua Vo



The bevy of Bollywood weddings in the last year opened up the gates for a lot of speculation around many couples, the most persistent news being about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s upcoming nuptials. The duo have kept mum and not paid heed to any reports, including the latest report that say they are supposedly getting married this month in the famous ‘RK’ house. Kapoor’s uncle Randhir has denied these reports as he says someone would tell him if a wedding was taking place.

Pinkvilla reports Randhir saying, “I’m not in Mumbai right now, and I haven’t heard anything about the wedding. If such a big wedding was happening at our house, somebody would have surely called me up and informed me.”

Much sought after Henna artist Veena Nagda who has worked with Bhatt on many occasions was also clueless, adding, “Nobody has contacted me yet. I met Alia a couple of days back but no mention of wedding from her either. If the wedding is indeed happening this month, then it’s really going to be a short notice for me.”

It is to be seen if this wedding is actually taking place this month. Keep it tuned to BizAsiaLive.com for more updates.