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Ranbir Kapoor had space for just one biopic

Ranbir Kapoor

Even though Ranbir Kapoor had been linked to Kishore Kumar’s biopic, sources close to the film said that the actor could only devote his time to one project.

Kapoor will reportedly begin working on the Sanjay Dutt biopic soon. A source told Deccan Chronicle, ���All the research work was done and a script being readied in collusion with Kishoreda�۪s son Amit Kumar, a close friend of Ranbir�۪s father Rishi Kapoor. But Ranbir had the space for only one biopic. He chose the Sanjay Dutt film. And since Amit, who had the overall creative copyright over the proposed film on his father, wanted no other actor to play Kishore, the biopic stands cancelled.�۝