Raksha Bandhan 2020: Five films that portrayed different types of siblings

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


This year the 3rd August marks the beautiful bond between siblings known as Raksha Bandhan. A promise from a brother to always support his sister and protect her when need be. Over the years we have seen many types of siblings in Bollywood films, there were some who got on with each other pretty well and then there were some who just hated each other.

For this Raksha Bandhan, BizAsiaLive.com looks at five films in which we saw five very different siblings.

‘The Sky Is Pink’ (2019)
Since birth Aisha (Zaira Wasim) has been born with a serious condition that affects her breathing and because of this she at times struggles to live a normal life. Due to this condition she has always received a lot of care and attention which is understandable. Her older brother Ishaan (Rohit Saraf) had always been there for his younger sister and she loved her brother a lot in fact she gave him the nickname Giraffe. He tried to be continuously supportive be it to his sister or his parents who were always on their toes because of Aisha’s illness. Saraf and Wasim’s chemistry on screen worked very well, they really looked like two siblings who could talk to one another and even argue.

‘Hichki’ (2018)
Naina (Rani Mukerji) dreams of becoming a teacher but despite having so many qualifications to her name she is unable to secure a teaching job at any school. Naina has Tourette Syndrome which is seen as a major issue by many educators at various schools including St. Notker’s where she applies. However after convincing them that her condition won’t affect the children’s studies and how they learn she is given a chance to prove that she has what it takes to become a teacher.

Along the way she faces many hurdles including some unwanted advice from her father which makes her question herself. Despite everything, she has always had her brother Vinay (Hussain Dalal) have her back. Whenever she felt that she couldn’t do something he pushed her to get back out there. Even just being there for her during her difficult times helped her, Vinay was her support when she most needed it.

‘Queen’ (2013)
When the naive Rani (Kangana Ranaut) sets out on a journey to find herself we see her go through many things that one would never expect. Rani is lucky to have the support of her family including her younger brother Chintu (Chinmaya Agrawal) who sometimes acts like he’s the older brother. When Rani’s ex contacts Chintu in order to find out Rani’s whereabouts the protective brother in Chintu comes out and he hangs up on her ex by making an excuse.

Chintu was very funny and at times reminded one of the annoying little brother who constantly asks the same question over and over again. At the same time he was always looking out for his elder sister.

‘Happy New Year’ (2014)
Although Sonu Sood and Deepika Padukone weren’t actually siblings in this film, in their scenes together they gave off brother and sister vibes. After Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan) constantly criticises Mohini (Padukone) Jag (Sood) can’t help but feel sorry for the girl and consoles her like an older brother would. He explains that Charlie doesn’t think before he opens his mouth and that he actually likes her but doesn’t realise it yet. In the end Jag gives Mohini some advice so that she can get Charlie’s attention and some sweet revenge.

‘Jai Ho’ (2014)
Jai (Salman Khan) is ever helpful and has the motto that every individual should help three people and then those three people should help another three people in order to make the world a better place. Though he sounds like a gentle person he can get very angry especially when he sees people breaking the law. However when it comes to his family he is very caring specially towards his sister Geeta (Tabu) likewise she is very emotional when it comes to her brother too. For Geeta her brother is her pride and she won’t take it if anyone says a bad word against him. Tabu and Khan have worked together in the past but in this film they actually got to play siblings which was lovely to see.

BizAsiaLive.com would like to wish everyone celebrating a happy Raksha Bandhan.