Rakhi Sawant splits from husband Adil Khan Durrani after exposing his affair

Azha Khan



Just days after the demise of her mother, Rakhi Sawant has returned to the headlines accusing husband, Adil Khan Durrani of having an affair.

In a media round of interviews, she was asked how she was. Initially, she sounded pretty upbeat. However, later she exposed details of Durrani’s affair with a girl called Tanu.

She said, “He made me apologise in front of the media. He told me that he will come back to me if I apologise in front of everyone. He pulled me down in front of the nation, I was very hurt. But he is not back. He posted things but he has not come to me. He is living with her.”

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She further said, “Shame on that girl. She stole someone’s husband. It’s my luck. I can’t do anything. Shame on you. Her name is Tanu. Shame on you Tanu. Mera husband chura ke kitne din rakhogi? How many days do you have with him in this lifetime? You stole a husband from the wife. Shame on you. I have given him many chances. But Adil has gone to that girl leaving me. I want to tell her, ‘Tanu, jo biwi ka nahi hua, wo tera bhi nahi hoga. Challenge.’ He is with me for one year. You snatched him away from me. I have videos and photos of you abusing me Tanu. Now I have the media’s support.”

Sawant and Durrani’s relationship has suffered tremendously since her mother passed away from cancer last month.