Rakhi Sawant challenges Mahesh Bhatt with film based on Indrani Mukherjea

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The Sheena Bora murder case has taken the Indian media circle by storm, with every news channel reporting on the case, in which Bora’s mother Indrani Mukherjea is one of the accused. ��While filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had already announced that he had written a script with a story that coincidentally resembles the Bora-Mukherjea case, Rakhi Sawant has now announced that she is part of a film based on the same story and challenges Bhatt as she will ensure her film releases first.

Absolute India quote Sawant as saying, “This is a very shocking incident that the story of the film is very similar to Indrani’s case. So this has definitely given a push to my film… I will complete the film before Mahesh Bhatt.”

Titled ‘Ek Kahaani Julie Ki’, the Aziz Zee directed project will see Sawant in the role of Indrani Mukherjea. ��On the other hand, the film for which Mahesh Bhatt has written the script is Guroudev Bhalla’s ‘Ab Raat Guzarnewaali Hai’.

It can be noted that a third film is also currently being planned on the subject, by filmmaker Manees Singh.

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