Rakesh Roshan inspired by daughter’s tribute

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Hrithik Roshan launches book for father
Hrithik Roshan launches book for father

When Sunaina Roshan presented her veteran actor/film maker father Rakesh Roshan with a a book full of images from his life, as well as being very moved, it inspired him to start thinking of writing his own autobiography.

Roshan’s elder daughter decided to make this book titled ‘To Dad, With Love’ as a tribute to her father, where she has managed to gather pictures from his birth to the present day. Expressing his idea of writing about himself, NDTV��reported Roshan saying, “This is the beginning. I am going to write an autobiography, there are a lot of experiences (that I want to share), and I believe people will learn a lot from them because I have learnt things in life in a very hard way and with a lot of hardwork.”

The celebrated film maker has never been one to rush into making a lot of movies. He has had many success where his most recent project ‘Krrish 3’ (2013), proved that he’s just getting better and better. Saying this, though the industry is running at high speeds with the amount of films it makes a year, Roshan seems happy moving in his own pace. “I am not in a hurry. Till I don’t get a subject, I am not going to start anything. I only start a film when my heart or mind says, ‘This is the right plot’. It may take one year, two years or may be even six months. I can’t say,” he added.