Rajkumar Hirani

Rajkumar Hirani suffers heat stroke
Rajkumar Hirani suffers heat stroke

The dedication that filmmakers have while making their film often goes unnoticed. They work so hard that despite being completely exhausted they do their best to carry on working until their body can take no more. This is exactly what happened to Rajkumar Hirani whilst shooting for his upcoming movie ‘Peekay’.

The month of March can be extremely hot in the city of Rajasthan where the shooting for the film is currently taking place. News has it the Hirani had been working non-stop under the heat and as a result it took a toll on his health. “Hirani had been shooting continuously on the streets of Mandawa and Jaipur in the scorching heat. And in themiddle of one of the shots, some unit members realised that he looked extremely weak. The unit panicked, especially when he continued to feel unwell even after an hour and almost fainted,” an insider revealed to Hindustan Times.

With the cast and crew getting worried, they rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors explained Hirani had suffered a heat stroke. “The doctors assured him that Hirani just needed to rest and there was nothing to worry about. Everyone was happy that he rested for two days,” the source went on to say.

Here’s hoping Hirani recovers well and that this incident encourages others to take appropriate breaks during extreme conditions.