Rajashree Thakur quits Star Plus’ ‘Shaadi Mubarak’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Star Plus’ hit show ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ is about to undergo a huge change after lead actress Rajashree Thakur quit. Rati Pandey will be replacing Thakur as Preeti Jindal.

Producers Shashi and Sumeet Mittal told Times of India, “We don’t want to give any clarification at this moment”.

Meanwhile, Thakur told the publication, “Firstly to clarify, I never had any fight with the makers over my exit; I don’t do that and I don’t have that image too in the industry. We never fought over anything and everything happened on a mutual note. I had put in my papers two weeks back and had informed the producers well in advance about my exit. We sat across the tables and tried to figure out a way that this doesn’t happen but we couldn’t come up with a mid way.”

She added, “The real reason about my exit is that I was unable to cope up with the hectic schedule of working for 12 hours and 26 days in a month, especially having a three year old daughter at home, who otherwise was managing pretty well. But as a mother I couldn’t convince myself to be away from her for so long. Yes, I did anticipate all this before taking up the show, which was doing really well for me, but practically things were becoming really difficult for me. Since I am staying with my mom right now, the travelling time too increased. I tried to tell my side of the story to the production hosue, and I also suggested having more parallel tracks, but I had to be there in each and every scene which was not possible for me. The makers too didn’t want to shift or change the storyline much. So in the end, I had to quit. But I really enjoyed whatever little journey I had on this show. And yes, I will be back again as I can’t live without being on TV. I will work things out for my next project, I am hoping. But right now I am not thinking about that.”

Asked how she felt about Pandey replacing her, she said, “I haven’t seen her work but I have heard she is a good actress and I am sure she will do justice to the character and the show.”

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