RAJAR: Sunrise Radio’s Breakfast storms ahead

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sunrise Radio
Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio claimed victory over its rivals in the coveted Asian London Breakfast show ratings war, according to official data from RAJAR for Q1/16.

It was during this period that Sunrise Radio revamped its Breakfast show, replacing Andy Gill with Raj Ghai and Sonia Dutta. The change has proved successful with 109,000 listeners tuning in per week – up from 71,000 listeners in Q4/15. However, the show was down from 116,000 listeners last year.

Lyca Radio’s Breakfast show, which was on top in Q4/15 lost 97,000 listeners from 119,000 listeners to just 22,000 listeners. A year ago, the show attracted 52,000 listeners.

Lyca Dilse’s Breakfast show hosted by veteran, Tony Patti dropped to just 4,000 listeners in the latest set of data. It was down from 24,000 in the last quarter and from 39,000 listeners a year ago.

Note: Sunrise Radio�۪s Breakfast show airs between 06:00 ��� 09:00 and Lyca Radio�۪s Breakfast is on-air between 06:00 ��� 09:30, so figures are not like-for-like due to 30-minute time difference.